Thinking about blogging, never do XD

MHFP 013: Breaking the Baby Lack Cycle

While I am extremely happy I ditched FB and I can not say I miss anything? about it, not the bad parts and even not the good parts. The good parts I have replaced with 2+ new social groups consisting of 7 or more people that I regularly see IRL! So going from spending  posting and DMs with people on FB and spending a lot of time to instead having more meaningful and face to face interactions. I did, at the time, intend to post on this blog a lot more again. In order that people who want to keep up with my doings can easily do so. Yet, I am ok with not doing it in the end, the updating. What I do, do instead:

1. Mail, call, talk to, message and see people more, during which usually and mutually inquire as to each others lives and activities.

2. I write on Evernote a few times a week, it is simply a Diary I have been keeping for quite some years now! Of course that diary is not online, but it does supplant some of the benefits of a blog: having a record of what you were busy with at a particular plan as well as stating and monitoring goals, personal growth, changes and interests.

Suffice to say, a ton has happened! Most of it good, sometimes even great! 🙂 I have traveled a lot, got involved in a serious relationship, worked on my future, done great with work, spend time with friends and family, improved my mind (and no small measure thanks to Sam Harris), tried some new things and especially made some new friends.

Perhaps I will posts her again and not let another year pass by. Well, life is good. The image above is totally random and not related to any of this. XD


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