Found password, experiment… Posting first short podcast I ever recorded. 0001

podcast_15617Weird. I did not feel like posting for a months or two in 2013. Then, for some reason I could not log into my blog, despite being really rather sure I had not messed up the password. Today I try,.. and I can suddenly log in, great! Back when I posted weekly, my mom, Vincere and perhaps 1 or 2 others would read my posts, which was fine by me, it was always primarily for myself that I posted. Very therapeutic and fun to do. Who knows, maybe I will pick this back up. Maybe not. I record a lot of podcasts these days. Also mostly for myself. I would totally put them online but they seem to be much harder to host, upload and post than a Blogpost, which makes sense, but I am going to see if I can link to my podcasts here, and hosting them for free on 🙂


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